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Welcome to the official web site of Swiss Enduro Champion Rolf Enz. Review his race calendar, latest news and racing success. Visit also his partner-links. Commercial cooperation contact please contact - thank you!





  • 1. Rang FMS «Enduro de Saone»

  • 2. Rang FMS «Enduro de Vagney II»

  • 2. Rang FMS «Enduro de Vagney I»

  • 3. Rang FMS «Enduro de Latrecey»

  • 3. Rang FMS «Enduro de Granges sur Volognes»

  • 3. Rang «Enduro de Faulx II»

  • 3. Rang FMS «Enduro de Faulx I»

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with passion

Success with diligence worked out! The Solothurn Rolf Enz started his athletic career with a hockey stick first, but he is really “blossomed” on a motorbike, where he can exploit his full potential. The indestructible and seemingly forever young at heart “almost fifties” still fights at the top of the classification of the Swiss Enduro Championship of the class Vet, which he finished in 2013 as Swiss champion.

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